Little Yellow Church

On Sunday, we ventured out to find our church. It was a cute little yellow church building. It looked a little different from my church back in Texas, but it is literally the same church I go to every week. I mentioned this on my Instagram but I will say it here, too. One thing I love about my church is that it provides a great community! Everywhere I move or go, I automatically have friends & a support group.

I think I’ve realized the value of my church community these past few years of living on my own and being done with college. I have been asked by friends at work- how do you meet people? It’s through church! They’re not only there to be my friend, but they are there to support and encourage me & it gives me the opportunity to be there for them, too.

When my parents got divorced while I was in high school, and my mom was going to school full-time, working full-time, and taking care of us 4 kids, our church became our family. They brought us meals constantly, they came to comfort us, help around the house, and to just be with us. They rallied around us in our time of need, and I have such a special place in my heart for them. ? Also, being in Aruba was the exact same. I truly felt so much love from these people I had never met. I hope I can be as loving, inviting, Christ-like, and giving as the people of my church. What a blessing it’s been in my life.

{If you are interested, you can learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here! Also, feel free to pop in and make some friends by finding the closest building near you with this locator. We’d love to see you!}

Let me know if any of you have had similar experiences with a church group, team, or other group! I love being a part of something bigger than me & would love to hear.



Explore Your City!

So I’ve been thinking lately- all of my favorite bloggers are out traveling the world constantly and I’m like where does all this money come from?? They’re in New York City one day and then in Italy the next. Oh, surprise! They’re in Bora Bora the week after. Okay, I work full-time for an airline and I can’t even fly around that much!

Well, Nick’s work had their annual retreat this year was a little getaway to a town 40 minutes north of here. I was like confused at first because it was so close to home, but it ended up seriously being such a fun weekend. We spend all this time dreaming about destinations thousands of miles away, that sometimes we fail to explore what’s right in our backyard. ✨ Nothing wrong with planning our dream trips, but I challenge each of you to explore your backyard. No matter how small your town is, I bet you’ll find something new!

Anyway, Nick & I had a blast exploring Historic Downtown Square in McKinney. All the shops were so cute. It felt like we had stepped into the 1800’s with the architecture , horse-drawn carriages, violinists playing on the street corners, and the ice cream parlors. We found this adorable yellow wall on a barber shop, but this is the only photo we got! 

Now get out there and explore your city! ?