Sunflower Fields in Tuscany ?

Driving through Tuscany, Italy was breathtaking. I have never seen so many fields of sunflowers in my life! I knew I had to take a picture. 

The only issue was that, once you get on the freeway in Tuscany, there are very few exits. You are basically on the freeway for a long time. As we drove by these flowers, it was like they were all staring at the cars passing by and teasing us with their beauty because we couldn’t even slow down to see them let alone take a picture of them!

We couldn’t even find any ways to get to any of them. Finally, we found an exit and ventured off to these one-lane back roads where we didn’t even know if we were allowed to be. We crossed a bridge and made it to a dirt road that was covered in giant puddles from recent rain.

Finally we saw some beautiful fields in the distance. We carefully drove our rental car through puddle after puddle until we got close enough to pull the car over. As you can tell from the photos above, there were mountains in the distance. The lighting was perfect and the flowers were huge! Honestly, our earth is so diverse and beautiful. What a gift from God! 100% obsessed with it.



Sunny Sundays ?

Happy Sunday! It was actually a rainy and overcast Sunday, but this guy always makes it sunny. Also, having God in our lives makes it sunny, too- even in rainy situations. 

In fact, one Sunday a month our church has a testimony meeting where anyone present can go up to the pulpit and share their feelings and beliefs about God & faith & any spiritual experiences they’ve had. 

There seemed to be a theme during testimony meeting today. A lot of people talked about how they had great lives and were successful, they traveled, etc. but they were never fully happy. They would be happy when they would go skydiving for a little bit, or they would feel happy for a few days when they got the big sale, but none of this happiness was ever sustainable. 

Then each person recounted how they came to know God- really know him- not just occasionally show up at church. They prayed to him and really talked to him. They came to church to get to know him. 

Finally, each of these people were happy! They talked about the night and day difference of living life on your own vs. living life with God. It sounds so simple, but it has to be intentional. Having God in your life means you still go through ups and downs, but you’re not alone. You have hope in something bigger. You have a plan for you and your life….and you are happy. Truly happy.

Okay, enough for today. Hope your Sunday was full of sunshine, too. ?