Let Us Be Adventurers.

At some point in our lives, we will each be faced with a choice…we can take a chance or we can play it safe.

It’s easier to play it safe. In fact, I would say more times than not, I have chosen to play it safe in order to minimize risk, uncertainty, & failure. But does playing it safe always make us more happy? Our Founding Fathers once penned the phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”- a phrase that we each hold sacred in our hearts. It’s interesting to note that they used the words “pursuit of happiness” instead of “happiness.”

I was driving home the other day & thinking about how happy I felt. I was trying to put my finger on why I felt so happy, when I realized that lately in my life, I have been consciously pursuing happiness. I have been working to be happy, and that act alone has made me happy. Happiness isn’t something we are handed, and it isn’t a prize to be won. Happiness is a state of being that takes constant work and effort. Here is a little secret that has brought me happiness lately:

I have been taking risks.

Now this doesn’t mean I’ve hopped on a flight to Vegas & gambled all my money away, but I’ve taken good risks on things like goals or things that I want in my heart. I have especially loved taking risks on things that I have never allowed myself to do for one reason or another. Oh man, it is scary! However, even if I fail, my heart feels good because I was pursuing happiness. Change can be scary. Taking a leap of faith into the dark can be scary. Making yourself vulnerable can be scary. Recognizing and breaking down your own barriers can be difficult and scary. But when you are following your heart and what God wants you to do, you will be unstoppable.

So start training for that marathon. Ask that boy on a date! Apply for that job that you really want. Have that conversation that you have been needing to have- no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Stand up for your morals. Start your own business. Move across the country. Move home! Buy tickets for that vacation you’ve been planning for years. Try out for that dream team! Get a dog. Start your family! Buy a house. Commit. I guarantee that you will be happier if you try and fail, then if you dream of what-ifs.

Yes, when you fail the initial sting hurts. But you will have a peace in your heart knowing that you were working towards your dream. Sometimes we will start pursuing something good and realize that there is actually something better for us and change directions. You will not find that better thing though if you aren’t willing to take risks. High risk, high reward, people.

Failure, at times, is inevitable, so make doors close on you vs. standing still in a hall with hundreds of doors you haven’t tried. Create the life you’ve always wanted. Go forth with God.

When the moment comes, and everything is on the line- choose in.

Let us be adventurers.


PS. Here are similar dresses. Some are on sale, too! xoxo

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Cow Tipping Creamery

IMG_2100 IMG_2109IMG_2117 IMG_2105 IMG_2115IMG_2111 IMG_2116

So Nick & I were trying to leave town today. We went to bed super late backing and were up before light. We hustled to the airport only to find out we were #44 and #45 on the standby list on a full flight. Soooo…. we came home. This is part of the whole #nonrev experience. We slept for three hours because we were exhausted. When we woke up, we were craving ice cream, and I’ve been wanting to go to the Cow Tipping Creamery.

It was everything we dreamed of and more.

This is what we got:

Brownie & Cookie D’oh (hers)

  • Vanilla Bean Soft Serve
  • Triple Fudge Brownie Chunks
  • Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cocoa Cookie Crumb
  • Brown Sugar Hot Fudge

The Salty Sweet (his)

  • Vanilla Bean Soft Serve
  • Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • Peanut Butter Sauce
  • Malted PB Pretzel Crumb
  • Brown Butter Ritz Crumb

K, but seriously. The menu alone had me drooling. I will def be back to try more flavors. You can find the full menu here!

Turns out, we had a great day despite not being able to fly. And, we’ll try again tomorrow!



The Perfect High Bun


The Perfect High BunIMG_0654IMG_0655IMG_0653IMG_0652

So I have been working to perfect the high bun because I could never get it to look good! It would either be lopsided or fall out easily or just look weird. So I FINALLY figured out some tips to make the perfect high bun or the perfect top knot.

How to Make the PERFECT High Bun

  1. Comb your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a thick elastic.
  2. Grab the front layer of hair in ponytail and backcomb or tease it.
  3. Twist all hair in the ponytail once or twice (you don’t want it too tight) and begin to wrap around the ponytail.
  4. Continue to backcomb or tease as you bring your hair around.
  5. Secure with another elastic.
  6. Adjust the bun. Pull pieces out or tuck pieces in until it all looks even.
  7. Lightly spray hair to secure into place.
  8. Rock that top knot all day long!

I hope this helps you because it has been a game changer for me! If you make the PERFECT top knot, tag me on IG @alysetay, so I can see your work of art. Now, go out there and keep being YOU! Love y’all!