The Groom

My calm during the storm. Nick’s 28th birthday was this week. He is the sweetest, smartest, handsomest, lovingest guy I know. As I am writing this, he is putting away the dishes. And he brought me home flowers last night after doing the grocery shopping. I love him.

Since he turned 28, here are 28 things I love about Nick:

  1. He sings every chance he gets- he has many original hit songs that he makes up on the fly.
  2. He is so easy going. He just goes with the flow & enjoys life.
  3. He is smart with money. He saves and invests more than he spends. It’s comforting to know those habits.
  4. He is smart. Math, Econ, and many other subjects just come easy to him. He taught himself to code. Somehow, however, he still makes the rest of us feel smart, too…which is not true for all brilliant people.
  5. He loves his family.
  6. He’s a natural athlete. He’s great at sports (although he is banned from playing a lot of them due to injuries).
  7. He loves making up nicknames. And so do I!
  8. He is aware. Nick is aware of his surroundings, how people are feeling, how he feels, etc. He can put those thoughts into the correct words. I probably didn’t explain this well, but this is one my favorite things about Nick.
  9. He is my husband!
  10. He loves to laugh. His laugh is contagious.
  11. He loves to make people laugh. It’s really sweet when he makes me laugh, especially when I’m grumpy.
  12. He loves baseball! ⚾️
  13. He is handsome. I love his tan skin, dark hair, cute lips, & dark brown eyes!
  14. He is supportive. He is my #1 blog fan, encouraged me to try out for the Rangers when I wanted to, hugs me when I’m down, & loves me always.
  15. He loves to travel.
  16. He meets me out at my car at night, so I don’t have to walk in alone.
  17. He loves ice cream. ?
  18. He has good clothing style.
  19. He puts my happiness first.
  20. He likes to read. He is constantly staying up-to-date by reading news and ESPN articles.
  21. He is great with kids. And the kids love him!
  22. He’s even-tempered and patient.
  23. He makes life fun.
  24. He comes with a whole lot of good people in his family!
  25. He is a good driver!
  26. He has strong morals that he has had his whole life.
  27. He loves me.
  28. We get to be together forEVER! ?

He’s kinda great & I love him!!!