Gingham & Pearls

Spring calls for white pants, am I right? And beyond that- gingham! I got this cute gingham shirt in the boys section at Old Navy…. does anyone else shop in the boys section? ? They have some good stuff. 

Pearls are always fun to wear with gingham. You start to feel all East Coast on yourself. Also, I wore my hair in french braids overnight and took it out in the morning. It’s fun to have some heartless wavy hair. 

Hope your week is off to a good start! Happy April.



Purple Flowers ?

When your flowers match your dress! ? Sweet Nick brought me home flowers the other day after my first day with my new part-time job. He’s the sweetest. And it matched my dress perfectly, so of course we took photos.

Also, I was having fun with my new lens. I love how it blurs the background. Ps. This January has totally rocked! It’s been warm and felt more like March or April.

Hope you are having a good week so far!



Fall Braids

img_2040 img_2041 img_2043 img_2031img_2046img_2034 img_2049 img_2053

We have always loved dressing up, so after our mom bought us these cute matching mauve fall shirts at Forever 21, we decided to do a twin photoshoot. We did each other’s hair into 2 regular french braids and put on some light purple lipstick from NYX. Mostly, we were just laughing the whole time because this photoshoot was really silly. I love my family and can’t wait for them to come in a few days!

Also, a cold front has moved across the entire country! My cousins in Montana woke up with snow. For us in Dallas, it just means that we have super nice weather haha. A few weeks ago here, it was 100 degrees! So it is kind of nice to feel like fall again.

I got a few fall decorations, too. Who else loves that “under $5 section” at Target in the front? When Nick and I were in Utah, we went with his aunt to a pumpkin patch where we literally cut pumpkins off the stem. We picked some little pumpkins to bring home with us to Dallas. I have always loved decorating for various occasions. I remember putting up decorations with my mom when I was little and absolutely loving that time together and loved getting excited for the holidays. It is fun to finally start accruing some decorations of our own.

Hooray for fall and family time!