Aruba Flamingos

Flamingos in Aruba are the coolest thing ever!

I’ve never been so close to one. They were so cool to observe. Their knees bend the opposite way our knees bend and they bark like dogs almost! Haha but they are so beautiful with their pink feathers. We got to feed them, too! Go to Aruba, and you have to stay in the Renaissance because you have free access to the stunning private island with the flamingos. I didn’t inquire, but I read on a blog that if you don’t stay there, then they charge $100 or so per person to get to the island. I really am going to do another blog post on the hotel alone because it was the best.

But yes, Nick and I spent the afternoon laying on beach chairs, wading in the ocean, and following these beauties around to snap pics of them because HELLO! They are flamingos, and they are beautiful!

The only thing missing from my outfit was some straw and pom-poms. I love Kate Spade’s new pom-pom straw bags, but they are $300…so there’s that… but I found so amazingly similar alternatives below all under $50. I think I need them all…

Well, I hope you are ready for the weekend! I know I am. I have my first Texas Rangers game tomorrow, so I am a little nervous, but also excited.


Our First Valentine’s Day

Our 1st Valentine’s Day married was sweet. My little love sure knows how to make me happy. Roses and a box of fresh cookies, brownies, & ice cream w/ a card that says- Do NOT share these with anyone! ?  He knows I just wanted a box all to myself. ?

But really, he is so sweet. ❤️ He is the best at cheering me up and making me laugh when I’ve had a hard day at work. He will sing to me and it makes me happy. We are so glad we have each other to encourage each other, to support one another, to laugh together, and to love like we’ve never loved before. Having him as my forever Valentine is a beautiful thing. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful readers, too! Thanks for the love and support you give me.



Cupcake ATM

The Cupcake ATM is most magical place in Dallas. It’s also amazing that when all the restaurants close, you can still go get a delicious cupcake. 

Also, it clearly makes for some adorable photos…so Linnea and I ran over one afternoon to indulge. Of course we brought along a cupcake purse! I purchased it from Amazon & it was one of my better purchases. 

If you ever find you need some cheering up- run over! Cupcakes always do the trick…especially from an ATM.