Queen Elsa (Round 3) 

Busted out Elsa & Olaf again this year. It’s become a tradition now! But hey- we won best costume at our church party, so that was fun.

Okay so I love Halloween- Well, I love any chance to celebrate, but I love dressing up. I probably learned that from my older brother, San, who also loves dressing up. 

The coolest thing happened this year- I made a BuzzFeed article for last year’s costume. Check out #11 on the article here!

Well, Nick and I tried to find something creative, but in the midst of starting a new job and Nick starting school, we just didn’t have a ton of extra time to come up with something. It took us 3 hours to find a half a costume. Oh well, hopefully next year we will be more settled and do something creative!

Happy Halloween!