LL Bean.

There is a magical place called the LL Bean Headquarters in Freeport, Maine. Not only is it a giant, awesome store surrounded by every outlet imaginable, but it is open 24/7!!! ✨ 

Outside in the little village, there are tons of Christmas trees with lights. They also have Santa’s workshop and big reindeer. It is seriously so cute. Unfortunately, my hands were too frozen to take more pictures, so you get the one and only. ?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!



Lobster in Maine

Not only was it my first time in Maine, but it was my first time eating lobster!! Okay, we had some lobster on our honeymoon, but it was already cracked. I seriously didn’t even know it was so much work to get to the meat, so you can see why I was surprised when they brought over a bib and plate of tools. ? It wasn’t my fav food in the world, but I feel like it is part of the Maine experience. Plus, these little suckers are so photogenic. ? 

We saw the most photographed light house in the world in Portland, ME! Then we headed over to the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth. And I’m so glad we got a lobster Christmas ornament before we left, so we will always remember our little Maine trip. 

Today, we explored Vermont! I didn’t get quite as many cool photos, but Vermont is absolutely breathtaking. The leaves are starting to change, we saw a black bear, we ate raspberry chocolate pancakes with legit maple syrup, and we visited Joseph Smith’s birthplace. It has been a beautiful day with family. 

Anyways, hope you’ve loved our photos! We are falling in love with this place.



Wells Beach, Maine 

Today was my first time ever in Maine! And it was everything I ever dreamed of. ? Totally running away here. The homes were not only so quaint and beachy and perfect, but the landscape was breath-taking. The leaves are just starting to change colors. There are beautiful rivers running through it. Aaaand, best of all imho, there is so much coastline! 

I picked out a little beach house for Nick and I that had a window room on the roof, like a lighthouse, but it had a giant old Capitan’s wheel on the ceiling for decoration & it was so cute. I love housing, but I’m not gonna lie, the east coast style homes are at the top of my list.

The water was so cold, but refreshing. There was also a sea breeze, but I would be in heaven if I got to have a little beach house right there on the coast & decorate it with lobsters & sea shells & star fish. Okay, I’ll stop dreaming about my little beach house now, but if you’ve never been (like me before today), go! 

Stay tuned for more east coast fun!