Sunday Reflections

Isn’t this place beautiful? The Oakland Temple has always been one of my favorite places. ? It is quite literally a light on a hill. I frequently can see it glowing in the dark when I land on an airplane from miles away. Once up at the temple, you can overlook all of San Francisco, and the view is breath-taking! The landscaping is always stunning, too. If you are ever in the area- go check it out. There is plenty of free parking, which is unheard of in the area.

I love Sundays, and the opportunity to reflect. Today, Nick & I had the chance to go to a church right next to the temple. In our church, we don’t always hear from our bishop. In fact, the bishop will ask different people from the congregation to speak each week. It’s so neat to hear other people’s perspectives and pieces of joy they have acquired through their lives. We heard the most inspiring talks today which reminded me of what truly is important in life- serving & loving each other.

Real quick about my hair, it was so greasy, so I threw it into this bun & it looked good as new. My sister taught me a few tricks & I finally found a bun that works with long hair! I should do a hair tutorial in it soon.