Ice Castles

The Midway Ice Castles are absolutely breathtaking. If you have the opportunity- GO! I don’t remember seeing them when I was going to school in Utah, or I feel like I totally would have gone. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to make it out there. It is right near Park City, too, so we did the ice castles for about an hour and then spent the rest of the time in Park City. A lot of  people at work were asking about the castles. Check out their website HERE!

Tickets sell out online and apparently if they’re sold out online, you can’t buy them at the ice castles, so I would purchase them early. I would book it for earlier in the day than later. Once you’re in, you can stay as long as you want, but if you go earlier there are probably going to be less people. There are mazes and slides and even concessions you can buy. We were just in awe at the beauty of the ice castles, though. We had never seen anything like it! You really start to feel like you’re actually in the movie Frozen.

What I wore- I wore my beautiful red coat from J. Crew which is perfect for all things Christmas + clearly ice castles. I also love layering collar shirts under sweaters, so I have a collared chiffon shirt with little gray polka dots under a soft off-white sweater from Forever 21. Oh, and of course my pom pom hat from Nordstrom. <3

I hope everyone is loving love this Valentine’s Day! What a wonderful reason to celebrate.