Texas Bluebonnets


I love spring, and this year, spring came early in Texas. In fact, there was like one week of winter. If was actually perfect. We decided to go after church to check out the bluebonnets. They were beautiful!

If you are in Dallas, our favorite place to go see them is right behind the Toyota Dealership in Grapevine. There is plenty of parking, and I think these next few weeks will be full bloom. You can just park along side the street. You’ll probably see other people there taking photos, so you won’t miss it. If you know of any other good places to see them, comment down below!

Also, Nick filmed me this morning as I did a little hair tutorial. If anyone knows how in the world I can change my YouTube name, I would be very happy. I’m a little YouTube challenged, but I am learning haha.

Happy Spring!



Winter Weather ❄️

Umm… it snowed in Dallas today. Seriously. It looked like a snow globe. And it never snows here, so it was kind of beautiful. Also, I saw on Instagram that it snowed in Southern Utah, too! Which never happens either.

So I’ve been layering up to stay warm! I love all the cute vests and the pom pom hats and of course the poofy coats. Since I got a new camera for Christmas ? I finally made a new hair tutorial. What older winter hairstyles should I try?

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Kate Middleton Inspired Updo

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I made up this little updo, and it reminded me of Kate Middleton. I think part of it was the dress I was wearing, but she does tend to have a lot of similar-looking updos. I hope you like it. I don’t have a great video camera yet and I always feel so awk making these videos, but oh well. I feel like the best way to show a tutorial is through a video, so I guess I’ll keep learning. Also, the editing takes FOREVER even on these short, little tutorials. I have much more respect for people who do this full-time. Also, if y’all ever have any ideas for me or suggestions for hair videos let me know!

I made a new Twitter account for Blondeography, where I will be posting my blogs and other hair, make-up, travel things. Follow me HERE if you want. 🙂

I’m going to BYU tomorrow to do some recruiting. If you’re free, please come! Then, Nick and I have a fun trip planned this weekend. We can’t wait!