Hair Flowers

April showers bring hair flowers. ?  But actually this hairstyle is so easy & would be cute for a little girl, too. All you do is one braid! You pull out one side of the braid so it’s bigger & then roll it up & bobby pin it. Maybe I can do a quick tutorial here

Also, major life hack: I started using jumbo bobby pins & I’m never going back. They are so much stronger & I use way less of them. I always knew they existed but never took the time to actually buy some on Amazon. They are usually not sold in many stores. It only took two bobby pins to hold this hair flower up.  Do yourself a favor and buy yourself some. You’ll thank me later. 😉

Anyways, who is excited for May?! Meee! ?? May means warmer weather & the start of summer. Hooray! ?



Quick Braided Braid Tutorial ?

This braided braid is really easy, but looks so cool! 

  1. Separate your hair into 3 pieces & braid each of those sections.
  2. Pull apart each of the 3 braids for texture.
  3. Braid the 3 braids into one braid.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Steps 2 & 3 are interchangeable. Whichever you think is easier you can do first! ?

What is everyone plans for Easter? I hope to spend it with my sweetheart & with family! What a wonderful time to celebrate. 






Nick and I celebrated our first anniversary in Aruba. It was a dream.

We had so much fun! I can’t wait to share more photos of the hotel we stayed at because I would highly recommend it. Stay tuned for a future post. But the sand was so soft, and the water was so blue- like turquoise. It was warm, there were no waves, hammocks everywhere, palm trees, smoothie service, and a gentle breeze. Clearly we were in paradise.

It was amazing to be out on a private island and to relax. We can’t believe how fast one year of marriage has come and gone. It’s wonderful to be married to your best friend because you can help lift each other up during the hard times and the best times.

Many of you have complimented my swimsuit. I love shopping and finding cute, modest, and affordable fashion, so I created this little lookbook down below. Don’t be surprised if you see me rocking a few of these this summer. I especially want the one from H&M. Aren’t they adorable!?