Breakfast of Olympians

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TODAY IS THE DAY PEOPLE. The day the world has been waiting for for four years! (That was a lot of fours right in a row…) But today is the day the summer Olympics begin!

Who is is PUMPED!? I love it. I love it all!

My favorite ones to watch are probably the gymnastics and the diving, but honestly- all of them are amazing! It’s so inspiring to see how hard these athletes have worked. Also, I love how it brings people together. SO COOOL.

I may not be a competing Olympian, but that doesn’t meant that I can’t eat a breakfast of Olympians! We’ve had all this delicious fresh fruit laying around, so I keep making the best cereal bowls. Honestly, you can pick anything for your base- cereal, granola, oats. Then, layer it with fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, peanut butter drizzle- whatever you have. BOOM. Breakfast of Olympians.

Yay! Can’t wait for the opening ceremonies. What sport/part of the Olympics are you most excited for? Does anyone have any fun olympic traditions? I want to start some with my family!

Let’s do this.



Summer Musts

As the weather has slowly been morphing into summer, I have begun to think about some summer musts this year. So here’s my little list complied below:

  1. SwimZip– I am of direct Finnish decent which I love, but the sun doesn’t love me. I get burned so easily. Nick can tan so easily, so I get a little jealous. And I have fried my delicate skin so much, it is time that I put my foot down. SwimZip’s special material blocks most of the UV rays, so I can look so cute, but not get burnt!
  2. Fruit of the Month– Our in-laws gave us the best gift ever- fruit of the month! We get a package once a month with the fruit of the month in it. Yesterday, we got fresh a pineapple and individually wrapped apricots. It’s something so fun (and healthy) to look forward to each month. The company we use is called Harry and David.
  3. Pastel lipstick– I look better in dark lipsticks, but it is so fun to try out new pastel summer lipsticks. My favorite light one right now is a matte lavender color. It’s actually called Zen Orchid by NYX & it’s only $5.99!
  4. Wing-tip sunnies– Totally 50’s and I love it. Also, sunglasses at Forever 21 are super cheap, so why not get a new pair or two for this summer! That’s where I got mine pictured above.
  5. Oversized pool floaties– Not pictured because I don’t have one and I’m not sure my apartment would fit one, but I want one so bad. Maybe a giant pretzel one. Or a unicorn.

Bring on summer!