Light the World ✨ 2017

Light the world.

We need more light on this Earth. This is why I love the Light the World initiative, and anyone can participate! 

The challenge is to light the world 25 ways in 25 days- aka every day leading up to Christmas, find a way to do something for someone else.

Look around you. Who needs help or could use some light? A neighbor, your lonely grandmother, a friend, family member, or complete stranger! 

One thing I love about lighting the world is the mentality it brings. Yesterday (Saturday) we ran around doing errands for a while. Knowing I wanted to light the world, I kept looking for ways to help people. I saw this old lady walking. She walked so slowly and couldn’t stand up straight. She sat down near Nick & I and I just kept wondering how I could brighten her day. This may seem anticlimactic and it probably is, but when she looked up, I made sure to smile at her. We ended up being done with that errand, so we left shortly thereafter. I wish I could have thought of something more to do, but I loved the fact that I was simply in a different mindset. On a regular basis, how many old, sweet ladies do I simply let walk by me?

If you’ve never heard of this, or even if you forgot- start today with me. It can be anything good- giving flowers away (which is what we did yesterday), writing a thank you text, baking cookies for neighbors, donating clothes or food to shelters, or calling your cousin! For more ideas, visit this link.

It not only makes the world brighter, it will make you so happy! 

Light the world. ✨



Sunflower Fields in Tuscany ?

Driving through Tuscany, Italy was breathtaking. I have never seen so many fields of sunflowers in my life! I knew I had to take a picture. 

The only issue was that, once you get on the freeway in Tuscany, there are very few exits. You are basically on the freeway for a long time. As we drove by these flowers, it was like they were all staring at the cars passing by and teasing us with their beauty because we couldn’t even slow down to see them let alone take a picture of them!

We couldn’t even find any ways to get to any of them. Finally, we found an exit and ventured off to these one-lane back roads where we didn’t even know if we were allowed to be. We crossed a bridge and made it to a dirt road that was covered in giant puddles from recent rain.

Finally we saw some beautiful fields in the distance. We carefully drove our rental car through puddle after puddle until we got close enough to pull the car over. As you can tell from the photos above, there were mountains in the distance. The lighting was perfect and the flowers were huge! Honestly, our earth is so diverse and beautiful. What a gift from God! 100% obsessed with it.



Our First Anniversary

One glorious year in the books, eternity to go.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving to the temple to get married, taking these photos, dancing at our reception, and enjoying our honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands! One whole year. So crazy how time goes so quickly.

Marriage really isn’t that difficult tbh, it’s mostly just the best. I think I say that for a few reasons.

  1. Nick is the world’s easiest person to get along with/live with.
  2. My expectations for marriage were realistic aka I didn’t expect it to fix anything. We are just same old us, but it totally rocks because we get to live together & see each other everyday.
  3. I’d lived on my own for a while and quite frankly that was much more lonely.

We help strengthen each other during the hard times, and enjoy being together during the good times.

I saw this little questionnaire on my friend’s Facebook wall, so let’s do this puppy:

Who’s older? Nick
Who was interested first? My sweet Nicholas knew he loved me from the start. 
Married? Yes! One year baby.
Who makes the most mess? Probably equal, but we do a dece job of keeping a clean house.
Better singer? He would say me, but he has a great voice & sings songs he makes up every day!
Better Driver? Same IMO. 
Spends the most? Him… buying things for me 😉
Smarter? Him, but hey- we are both smart in our own ways.
What are your middle names? William and Taylor
Whose siblings do you see the most? Probably equal. Mine fly for free and his live nearby!
Do you have any children? Not yet!
Did you go to the same school? Yes. We both went to BYU, but didn’t meet until Texas!
Who is the most sensitive? Me, but he is a softy.
Where do you eat out most as a couple? Cafe Rio if in Utah. Chuy’s in Dallas. 
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? Finland, Copenhagen, Hawaii
Who is more patient? Him.
Who does the most cooking? We never see each other during the week because of work, so if we ever cook, we cook together! 
Who is more social? Well, I guess me. Although, Nick tries to claim he’s an “introvert” but frequently finds himself entertaining the group, so very unclear about that.
Who is the most stubborn? Me…and that is final!
Where was your first date? Potbelly’s for cookie ice cream sandwiches! Mmm… 🙂
Who has the bigger family? Well, we both have huge families. The more the merrier people, the more the merrier.
Do you get flowers often? Awww…yes I do!
Who does the laundry? We each do our own.
Who drives when you are together? Nicholas! If I drive, he speaks with a British accent and calls me Janet…
Who picks where you go to dinner? ME! Unless Nick vetoes it. But then I still pick.
How many kids do you both want? 4-5 
It’s been a great year, and I look forward to the future with you, Nick!