Pretty in Pink <3

We always have the most fun dressing up & this photoshoot was no exception. Mia let me borrow her cute Girl Power shirt! It’s adorbs, huh!? And I’ve always loved her sparkly polka dot shirt from J. Crew.

Okay so all my life, I have been a shirt person. Well like, everyone wears shirts, but I mean when it comes to shopping, I’ve always instinctively bought shirts only. I can never find pants that I like and that fit me. But that has totally been a different story for both me and my sister these past few months.  All we find ourselves looking at is new cool denim or some fun pants! Not complaining, it’s just weird. I’ve complied some cute denim below under $25.

Also, I am now on my way to a long awaited vacation with my family this weekend. Any guesses where we are going?!

Love y’all!




Respect the Captain

Lake Powell is a hidden gem in the southwest United States. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. No one in Texas has ever heard of it, and to be completely honest- I’m not mad about it…. more lake for me!

We arrived late Friday night & got to stay until Tuesday. The lake is over 200 miles long and has more shoreline than the California coast. There are red rocks everywhere and endless slot canyons to explore. Amidst all of Lake Powell’s beauty, I think m favorite things are the stars at night. Because it is out in the middle of nowhere, there is very little pollution. Therefore, you can see even the tiniest of stars in the sky. It’s truly remarkable. 

If you’re flying to Lake Powell, Page, AZ has a small airport. Otherwise, you would need to fly into PHX or LAS. The drive is about 4 hours from each. We flew into Salt Lake, which is just under a 6-hour drive, but well worth the lake. I can’t wait to show you more photos in upcoming posts.

Also, my dad has this amazing Captain hat that I took it upon myself to wear. ? Respect your captain! ⚓️



Florida Keys

Ah, I miss the ocean already! It’s so not fair that some people get to live by it 24/7, while others of us have to go long periods of time without seeing it.

This was our first time to southern Florida and the Florida Keys, and it did not disappoint. We stayed in Florida City about an hour away from Miami, the Everglades, Key Largo, etc. We did a lot of exploring, so we’re happy we were centrally located.

Our first stop (and turns out we loved the beaches here) was Key Biscayne, near Miami. These were taken at Crandon Beach, which had white sand, palm trees, and blue water. We had a picnic on the beach and then played around forever. We saw quite a bit of jellyfish, but luckily none of us got stung. In fact- the ocean doesn’t drop off like it does in California, so you can walk out for a long while and still only be up to your waist! If you’re in the area- I would highly recommend Key Biscayne.

I hope you enjoy our pics… more Florida pics are on their way, so stay tuned!