Our First Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!!! Who had an amazing Thanksgiving? Looks like all y’all did from the looks of Instagram. ? I love how much happier we are around the holidays. I think it’s because the focus shifts off ourselves and onto other people & onto Jesus Christ.

My first Thanksgiving married to Nick has me thinking of all of my blessings, specifically all the blessing that marrying him has brought into my life. Married life really is the best & I so lucked out with him. 

Also, I have this little thing I have done by myself every year. On Thanksgiving in all of my prayers, I try to not ask for one thing- just thank Heavenly Father for all of my blessings. Nick started with me this year and it is kind of fun. Try it! Does anyone else have any traditions for Thanksgiving?!



Fall Things ?

Happy fall- I can’t believe Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away from today.  Soooo excited to be with family and stuff my face! Today, I wore a burgandy midi dress from Forever 21 that is so comfortable & a giant scarf. I also whipped out this braid to get my bangs out of my face for the day. Since fall is in full swing, I made a list of my fall favs this year.

All Things Fall in 2016

  • Giant scarves that are more like blankets, obviously.
  • Red Starbucks cups for hot cocoa. Have you seen the new ones? They’re adorable.
  • Over-the-knee boots. I just got a pair & can’t wait to rock them.
  • Apples. Our Fruit of the Month just came from Harry & David full of delicious apples! ? 
  • Mauve everything. 
  • Pumpkin patch visits. (See my previous post)
  • Chilly weather. Dallas tried to feel included in the cold front this last week, but just can’t play in the big leagues. Not complaining though because I don’t do cold weather. ?
  • Fall football. 
  • Colorful leaves. Again, our leaves will probably change around Christmas, but I’ve loved seeing everyone’s fall leaves pics!
  • Candles. We constantly have them burning in our house and they smell amazing.
  • Baking. I’m going to have to do a pie or two again this year.
  • Blankets. The softer and bigger the better to stay cozy.
  • Family. Everyone tend to focus more on family around the holidays. Something I love. 



Pull-Through Braid ?

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t done a hair post in a while, so I decided to do a pull-through braid. I don’t have a good video camera, so I haven’t done as many tutorials as I would like to have either. Let me know if y’all want a tutorial for this because it is super fun & can be really elegant.

Also, fall has been so fun this year. All I want to do is bake new things, but I’m trying to be healthy, too. We made a pumpkin crunch cake for my brother’s birthday over the weekend, and we still have leftovers from that. ? How are you supposed to pass up perfectly good leftovers?

Really though, I just want to make pies, cakes, cookies, and pumpkin bread all the time. This is a problem. ? Hmm…maybe I just need to start inviting people over more and sending them home with food. Problem solved! Thank you for talking me through that. 

I hope your fall celebrations are in full swing wherever you are…(even if it’s still 90 degrees where you live, too ?). What a great time to be alive! ?????