DIY Cereal Bowl + Milk Costume

Happy Halloween, lovelies! This year, we decided to make out costumes… and they turned out great. Please know, this DIY is not for the faint of heart, but we worked together on it so it was worth it.

Cereal Bowl List

  • 36″ balloons
  • Paper Mache (flour & water)
  • Spray paint for bowl 
  • Cardboard box & scissors 
  • Pool noodles & knife
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue


  1. Blow up balloon. 
  2. Paper mache the half the balloon 4 or 5 times, letting fully dry between each time.
  3. Pop balloon, cut out hole for your legs, & spray paint bowl whatever color.
  4. Turn Bowl upside down and trace around it. Cut this out & cut a hole in middle – this will be the shelf for the Fruit Loops. Basically the shelf will look like a flat donut.
  5. Hot glue shelf into top of bowl.
  6. Cut pool noodles with a knife.
  7. Hot glue Fruit Loops.
  8. Hot glue ribbon to the outside to hold up the bowl.
  9. Win your costume contest looking fab as freak.

Milk Carton Items

  • Cardboard box
  • Spray paint
  • Pool noodle & duct tape
  • Paper & glue
  • Ribbon & hot glue


  1. Spray paint box.
  2. Cut out letters for “Milk”.
  3. Glue letters on.
  4. Staple or hot glue ribbons on for straps.
  5. Duct tape straw (pool noodle) in corner.
  6. Win your costume contest looking cool as crap.

The OG DIY can be found here

I hope y’all had a great Halloween! We went over to my work because Southwest Airlines knows how to throw a mad party. Then we worked all day. At night, we watched one episode of Stranger Things… and then a Gilmore Girls so I wouldn’t be too scared. 

Also, tonight we are making dinner in a pumpkin because we didn’t have time last night, & I’m so excited. I love holidays and traditions and celebrating! Speaking of, Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m stoked.



Emoji Cookies

img_2977img_2271img_2278img_2294img_2302img_2280 img_2293img_2303 img_2305img_2580

Hey people!

The weekend is almost over, which totally blows, so here are some emoji cookies to cheer you up! Aren’t they just the cutest little guys ever? Also, they were actually yummy- which surprised me because sugar cookies aren’t my very fav, but I loved these! So the cookies were straight forward literally just got the Betty Crocker bag, and this was the recipe for the frosting.

Okay, so back to the cookie making process. I found out that I have misplaced my rolling pin, so had to use a cup. Then realized that I didn’t have a circle cookie cutter. We washed out a can of food from the pantry and used the empty can to cut the circles. For the poop emoji, we literally used a knife to cut out that shape. The one thing I did have was a little heart shaped cookie cutter, so I did some of those as well.

So then for the frosting. I watched like 5 YouTube videos about frosting before I started making it. My fav part is that it has almond extract in it because almond extract is so good. I made a big batch of frosting and divided them up into different bowls before adding in various food coloring. I didn’t have piping bags, so I made them by putting frosting in small plastic bags and then cutting a tiny hole in the corner. So once the frosting is on, you make little swirls with a toothpick to fill in the gaps and to create the design. It’s like art…that you eat. Which is my favorite type of art. Clearly, these cookies are not made by Martha Stewart, but it was SO FUN to do them. I could see myself making these for my kids’ birthday parties one day. Well, not emojis, but just decorated, fun cookies.

I made them originally for my Social Media Team because it was Spirit Week at work and I thought it would be fitting for our team! They were def a hit. Try them out! Lemme know what you think.



DIY Donut Hat

IMG_1610 IMG_1615 IMG_1616IMG_1687 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1693IMG_1695 IMG_1700IMG_1689 IMG_1696

So as I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw the CUTEST thing ever: A DIY DONUT HAT. You can find the OG blog post here! So since we were in the full swing of summer, I decided to make one myself, and I love it! It was so easy, too.

I used a beach hat that I already had from Target. Got some acrylic paint (5o cents each at Walmart), and put duct tape where I wanted the sprinkles to be. I did a few coats of the pink so it looked like frosting. Then, I peeled the duct tape off and painted the sprinkles. My yellow sprinkles were originally a mustard yellow, but they didn’t stand out at all, so once it was dry, I painted over them with a bright, lighter yellow and it was perfect! It was all I could do not to eat it right up.

I can’t wait to sport this puppy to the pool! I definitely don’t want to get it wet though. But how CUTE is this hat?!