Our First Christmas.

Our first Christmas was absolutely perfect! ❤ We traveled all over New England. We ate delicious food, gained 10 pounds each, saw a live Nativity, visited Joseph Smith’s birthplace on his birthday, listened to Christmas music the whole time.

One of the coolest things this year was going to Zone Conferences with the Blairs. Experiencing little bits & pieces of a mission helps me feel closer to my brother who is on his mission. My in-laws are the best & love those missionaries so much.

Also, there was a lot of magic this year. I got spoiled & I really feel so blessed for all  I’ve been given. My favorite gift this year is having my sweet husband by my side. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!



Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Looks like we are gonna have a white Christmas up in New England. 🤗  We arrived late last night and the Flight Attendants announced that it was 5 below! 😨 I didn’t even bring a real coat, so good thing my in laws have a closet full of them. 😂 When I took my first breath outside I started coughing because my lungs aren’t used to this thin, cold air. 

Despite the sub zero temperatures, this is the picture-perfect Christmas that I was hoping for this year. 🎄 Christmas lights & snow really do the trick for getting me into the Christmas spirit- as long as I’m cozy inside a warm house! This will be my first Christmas not with immediate family. I’ll miss them, but I’m grateful for my new family members (Nick’s side) and I’m excited to spend the holidays with them. ❤️️

Quick life lesson I’ve been thinking about lately- flexibility. Nick & I were originally going to SLC for the weekend & then to New England. However, when we got to the airport, we quickly learned that SLC was not a possibility with all the oversold flights. We decided to be flexible with our plans & make the most of the situation. We saw an opening to Manchester & hopped aboard! Although this wasn’t in our plans, it has turned out wonderfully already.

My mom is constantly reminding my brother with Down syndrome to be flexible, but I think we could all take note & work on that a little more. Nick & I have been making some decisions & being flexible is really key to our happiness! 😘 It doesn’t always come easy, but it sure makes us feel good after.

I hope y’all are getting excited for Christmas, too! 

PS. I just bought this hat for $5 at Forever 21! They have more colors. Go get one now. 💗



A Southwest Christmas. ❤️💙💛

As Christmas approaches, I’ve been doing my best to gather decorations for our home. It’s so fun to have a real tree in our house, along with our new stockings, and some other fun decorations. 

It’s also fun to work in a place that has the most festive Christmas decorations. There are so many red, gold, and blue decorations! ❤️💙💛  I love it! Also, I’m so grateful that we can fly to see family so often because of my work. 

Also, Nick and I drove around tonight looking at Christmas lights. There were so many horse-drawn carriages everywhere. So cute. We’ve been drinking peppermint hot cocoa & watching Christmas movies! Okay, hope everyone is in the midst of celebrations, too. 😘