Our honeymoon was such a dream.

I wanted a surprise (with stipulations aka somewhere tropical) for the honeymoon, so Nick planned it all and surprised me! TBH when he told me we were going to the British Virgin Islands, I had no idea that place existed, but it ended up being a dream. We mainly stayed on Tortola, at the Surf Song Resort on Beef Island. We were in paradise! The water was warm and blue, the sand was white and soft, and the weather was wonderful. We stayed in the Treehouse room, which was our own little place (pictured above) surrounded by trees and windows, so you felt like you were in the middle of the jungle, but you were actually in a comfy room.

Things we did at the British Virgin Islands-

  • Day Sail to go snorkeling.
  • Play with Dolphins.
  • Massages.
  • A day trip Virgin Gorda, where we did a fun hike along the water.
  • Swam in the ocean.
  • Explored Tortola.
  • Took our own little sailboat out.

We also watched a lot of March Madness & Spongebob… so there is that. Haha. But seriously, our honeymoon was so much fun. We had a chef that cooked each of our meals, and I looked forward to that everyday! Mostly, I just had fun not planning or caring about anything else in the world except being with my husband. I loved everything about our honeymoon.

And NOW…. we are planning a little one year anniversary trip this weekend. Any guesses where we are headed?

Stay tuned!



Dolphin Discovery

dsc_1456 dsc_1476 dsc_1484 dsc_1494 dsc_1507 dsc_1541dsc_1521dsc_1550 dsc_1586 dsc_1601 dsc_1630 dsc_1728dsc_1652

Ever since I was young, I wanted to swim with dolphins. My dream finally came true on our honeymoon 6 months ago! Not only did I want to post these photos because dolphins are adorable, but I HAD to post them because these photos were like $130. We definitely got scammed into buying them, but hey, we had to remember our special moment.

So we got to kiss them, hold them, dance with them, spin with them, ride on their fins, and then at the end, the put their noses on your feed and they speed you across the ocean like superman and you can physically stand up. (Notice I only put pics of Nick doing that one because he was much more photogenic up there. Haha) The whole time I was screaming and giggling like a little girl because it was SO COOL.

We learned that the dolphins eat a ton of food each day! They’re all super playful and the little ones learn breathing patterns from their mothers. We even saw a little baby dolphin and it was adorable! They all popped their heads out of the water to say hi when we got there.

If you haven’t done this yet, you absolutely have to do it! Bucket list item. This is something we will never forget!