Hawaii Throwback + Family

So I was looking through my photos on Mother’s Day in order to find a good photo to post, and I did- see my Insta here– but I also found a million other good photos that I need to post on here. One of which are these fun photos from Hawaii. I have the most amazing family and I love every member of it so much.

Since it was just Mother’s Day, I just wanted to say that I love my sweet mother! She is strong and beautiful and courageous. She is persistent in teaching us right from wrong and oh so selfless. I love that blonde lady in the middle.

Also, I love these photos because we got to talk to our little (tall) brother on Mother’s Day. We haven’t seen him in almost two years because he has been out serving a mission. THREE MONTHS FROM NOW, he’ll be home. He is amazing and I can’t wait to laugh with him again.

So yeah, here’s a throwback to Hawaii, and here’s to good family!




Okay so my brother, Samo, flew to Dallas to visit me over the weekend alllllll by himself. He has Down syndrome and is the funniest guy on Earth- yet somehow the most loving.

Nick had to work all day Saturday, so Sam & I hit the town. He REALLY wanted a Texas shirt, so we found him one at Old Navy. Then, he went with me to Ulta to look at liquid matte lipstick. He wanted me to get black lipstick ?, so we settled in this dark purple from Revolution. It was only $5, so of course I was on board.

We partied all weekend and ate at some really good places. We also watched Holes, Scooby Doo, & Emperor’s New Groove- some of his favs. The only thing we didn’t get to do that he wanted to do was to ride a bull. ? Probably for the best.

Anyways, here is the latest braid I tried that was super quick! I started with an inverted Dutch braid and turned it into a fishtail at the end. If you like any of my hairstyles, I would love if you shared them on Pinterest. Let me know if you have hair ideas for me to try! Also, I busted out my old denim skirt that I used to wear in high school. Good times!