The Lovely Bridesmaids.

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Okay. I am DYING at these photos. This is one of the moments that I am most excited to share from the wedding and I am sorry it has taken me SO LONG. Aren’t these girls STUNNING!? I am so obsessed with them because not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, but they have shaped me through their wisdom, love, patience, and friendship into the woman I am today. I love each one of them so much for so many different reasons. You can read more about those reasons here! So many great memories with these wonderful people.

I loved our day. It was seriously a fairytale.




The Dress

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A little girl dreams of her wedding dress from the first moment she can remember. As you grow up, you watch aunts, cousins, and your mom’s friends get married and you dream of the day and you love their dress. You imagine the day when you’ll get to pick out your own wedding dress. Then, as you get older, your friends start to get married- people your age and people younger than you. The number one question is still- what will her dress look like?

I always wanted a ball gown wedding dress, so I was worried when “fashion” the last few years have gone away from the ball gown style. People have told me because I’m tall and slim that I should definitely get a sheath or form-fitting wedding dress. In fact, they almost had me convinced. I felt like I had to get one of those because everyone told me that is what would look good on me and that is the “in” style nowadays. I finally realized that although those dresses are stunning, it is not what I’ve always wanted. I have always wanted a fairy tale wedding where I looked like a freaking princess. So I FINALLY pushed other people’s opinions to the side and set sail for the dress of my dreams.

While I had a vague idea of what I wanted- I tried super hard not to be set on the details or even a certain style. Basically, I knew that much like searching for a guy, there was a list of things that I wanted that I would not compromise, but I wanted to be open to various styles. If I had the exact dress picked out in my mind, I knew I would NEVER find it. Having this attitude helped me immensely!

Here is what I wanted:

  • Modest Dress
  • Boat Neck
  • Cap Sleeves
  • ….aaaaand to look like a princess.

Because I was living in Texas, but getting married in Utah, I had basically one day to look for a dress in Salt Lake City if I wanted my mother and grandma to be present. I got into town super early and while I waited for my mom and grandma to arrive, I decided to look by myself. I know, so weird to go wedding dress shopping ALONE, but given the circumstances, I realized it was okay. I first went to Alta Moda Bridal. I have seen a lot of friends get their dress from there and the dresses were seriously stunning. I tried on a million different kinds, and it was nice because I was able to see what I looked like and how I felt in them and start to narrow it down before my mom and grandma got there. I found one in particular that I really liked. It was satin, sheath, ivory, and puddled at the bottom. However with the alterations and bead work, it was going to be way over my price range. Discouraged by their prices, I decided to keep looking.

Both of my married cousins referred me to a place called The Perfect Dress Bridal. I decided to check that place out. It was a cute, little shop, and the workers were so nice. My eye was immediately drawn to a specific dress. I picked it up, along with about 7 other dresses. She helped me change into the dress, and then she let me out into the main room and walked away. I was alone, and as I walked onto the pedestal, so many emotions came flooding in. I had always dreamed of this moment, and it was here. My eyes filled with tears. I felt beautiful! I felt like a princess, and I felt like a daughter of God. While I have endured many hardships in my life, in that moment I felt immaculate peace. It was an amazing spiritual experience that I never will forget.

Just then, the lady came back into the room, and I quickly blinked back the tears so that she wouldn’t see. How embarrassing is that? I’m like by myself in a room crying and trying on wedding dresses alone. Hahaha, but I was so grateful and wanted to show my mom this dress as SOON as she got there. I finished trying on all 7 dresses, but still absolutely was in love with the first I tried on in that store.

img_6835 img_6847

When they arrived, we stopped at one place, but nothing seemed to fit or seem right. I personally didn’t want a stark white dress, and the most hilarious comment of the day was when I was trying on champagne or ivory dresses and my grandma said, “It used to be back in the day, if you didn’t get married in a white dress, you weren’t a virgin anymore!” Lolling forever. Anyways, The Perfect Dress Bridal was closing, so we sped over there as quickly as possible! I didn’t let my mom see the dress until I had it on. She (and my grandma) absolutely LOVED it. And that is the dress we got! My sweet Mama got it for me. 🙂 I truly felt like a princess, the daughter of a King.

img_6712 img_6705 img_6714

My Dress.

  • Modest
  • Lace top
  • Diamond beadwork
  • Ballgown
  • Blush
  • Cap sleeve
  • Boat neck
  • Tulle bottom
  • Longer Train
  • Buttons & beadwork up train to bodice
  • Zip dress
  • Princess? Definitely.


We said YES to the dress. 🙂