Sweet Day

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Yesterday, we had Sweet Day (not Cheat Day because we don’t cheat). We took it VERY seriously. First of all, we got the new Blue Bell flavor: Two Step. It combines the TWO best flavors ever- Cookies and Cream and Cookie Dough. I KNOW.

Then, we decided to make it colorful. We bough little waffle cones at the store. We melted a heaping spoonful of Nutella for about 30 seconds in a little bowl. It was runny, but still held its form. We took spoonfuls and put it around the top of the cone and added Fruit Loops. Next time, we might try pretzels or really anything else! Then, we put them in the freezer until it was Ice Cream time.

Being that it is July and National Ice Cream Month- we figured, what better way to celebrate. And by the way, the new flavor, Two Step is 5 out of 5 stars. AMAZING. Texas forever, y’all.

Try making dipped cones! So easy and so fun.