On the Docks of Aruba


Aruba has the bluest water I have ever beheld. These photos were taken on the dock of the private island waiting for the boat to come pick us up! The weather was so nice, warm with a light sea breeze. It never rained on us- apparently it doesn’t rain much in Aruba. There were no bugs- something I was concerned about going into our trip- especially because of Zika. But it was great!

As we were waiting for the boat, we would just sit there and look in the water. It was so clear, it was like watching Finding Nemo! You could see everything. We saw little crabs, anemones, clear fish, yellow fish, mini sword fish, bigger fish, and pelicans! It was so cool.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I really like ruffles, which is why I am so glad that when I walked through H&M the other day, there was a ruffle theme going on. <3 My top is actually an “off the shoulder” top, but I don’t like “off the shoulder” tops, so I wear it like a normal shirt, which is fun because it makes the ruffles even bigger! I especially liked my finds down below.


Election Day 2016

Today is the day we have all been waiting for- Election Day! How exciting is today? I remember as a little girl staying up super late watching Bush v. Gore, only to find out that the Florida votes were going to cause trouble. But it was so exciting that I stayed up way past my bedtime!

How blessed we are to live in America. A place where we can vote for our leaders, a place where we can work hard to live our own dream, a place where we are much safer than most of the world, a place where we can raise our families. ?? I think back on our forefathers and what they did for us & I have so much pride in my heart! ❤️ We are truly blessed.

Also, I interned in the US Senate a few years ago & I fell more in love with America, history, our Constitution, and our rights & liberties. Nick had worked in the exact same office, but had gone back to BYU before I got there. Naturally, we are both excited for Election Day…I must admit, I have been more excited at times to vote due to the quality of the candidates, but I’m still excited today! I hope you go out and vote. ??

God bless America, and God bless you! ??