Happy Birthday, Blondeography! ?

Happy Birthday, Blondeography! ? It has been a wonderful year full of learning, loving, and discovering. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your love & support. Shout-out to my husband who has become a photographer! 

I’ve loved all of your likes, comments, shares, & love. ? This has been such a great first year, and I’m excited to see where this next year takes us! I have learned so much from others & find other people’s lives so inspiring.

Here’s to creating good things & inspiring each other!


Alyse from Blondeography 

Pretty in Pink. ?

Hope everyone had a great April! Time seriously flies so quickly. Sometimes I’m fine with that, but most the time, I try to hold on.

Speaking of time, Trent (my sweet little brother) gets home in 3.5 months. It’s almost been 2 years since I’ve seen him. He’s been serving the Lord down in Chile- his first time away from home was Chile. I’m so proud of his sacrifice he has made. He could have been attending college for 2 years already, but he chose to put others above himself & serve the Lord. We have received blessings for his service, but we absolutely cannot wait until he comes home to us!

Also, it’s my cute sister’s birthday this week! ? I miss her so much. Anyone who knows her knows how fun, thoughtful, and caring she is. She’s also beautiful & I love her! She is my little twin. It seems like just yesterday that she was born. I’m so happy she came to this Earth & that I get to be sisters with her. Happy birthday, Meme! ?

I can’t wait to celebrate with her when I see her next. ???



Happy Birthday to Me!

I seriously had the best birthday ever. I was overwhelmed with how special the day was. It started with my adorable husband waking up at 4:30 AM to “work out” aka to decorate. When I woke up, a waterfall of balloons showered me as I opened the bedroom door. There was a beautiful pile of presents! My favorite deco though was the collage he made for me on the door. It had a bunch of words that describe me & a bunch of words of things I like. ❤️

Later that day, Southwest had their annual rally aka huge party where our CEO speaks to us. It’s basically a giant party with music, photo booths, and food trucks. I obviously pretended like it was my birthday party.

After that, Nick and I went home, opened presents, and ate key lime pie from Eatzi’s… yum! I got some fun presents! I really was spoiled, but so grateful.

Sorry for the hodge podge of pics, but it was such a great day that I had to share!