Hawaii Throwback + Family

So I was looking through my photos on Mother’s Day in order to find a good photo to post, and I did- see my Insta here– but I also found a million other good photos that I need to post on here. One of which are these fun photos from Hawaii. I have the most amazing family and I love every member of it so much.

Since it was just Mother’s Day, I just wanted to say that I love my sweet mother! She is strong and beautiful and courageous. She is persistent in teaching us right from wrong and oh so selfless. I love that blonde lady in the middle.

Also, I love these photos because we got to talk to our little (tall) brother on Mother’s Day. We haven’t seen him in almost two years because he has been out serving a mission. THREE MONTHS FROM NOW, he’ll be home. He is amazing and I can’t wait to laugh with him again.

So yeah, here’s a throwback to Hawaii, and here’s to good family!



Wells Beach, Maine 

Today was my first time ever in Maine! And it was everything I ever dreamed of. ? Totally running away here. The homes were not only so quaint and beachy and perfect, but the landscape was breath-taking. The leaves are just starting to change colors. There are beautiful rivers running through it. Aaaand, best of all imho, there is so much coastline! 

I picked out a little beach house for Nick and I that had a window room on the roof, like a lighthouse, but it had a giant old Capitan’s wheel on the ceiling for decoration & it was so cute. I love housing, but I’m not gonna lie, the east coast style homes are at the top of my list.

The water was so cold, but refreshing. There was also a sea breeze, but I would be in heaven if I got to have a little beach house right there on the coast & decorate it with lobsters & sea shells & star fish. Okay, I’ll stop dreaming about my little beach house now, but if you’ve never been (like me before today), go! 

Stay tuned for more east coast fun!