Oakland A’s Suite

Grandpa Blair’s 90th birthday party was a huge success! I think he had a lot of fun just seeing his family together. Nick’s family rented out a suite at the A’s vs. Red Sox game. The weather was phenomenal. There was food and family and baseball! It was perfect. I hope my 90th birthday party is that bumping. Hint, hint to my posterity if they read this one day….

I finally found some overalls that fit me and don’t have giant gaping holes all over them! They’re so comfortable and stretchy that I want to wear them wherever I go, so you may see me in them from now on- just warning you. Also, I love my polka dot t-shirt because it goes with any pants or skirts. It’s fun! I’ll post a link down below of the same or similar products.

Anyways, we are back in Dallas now taking on real life. Speaking of, I need to get ready, eat breakfast, and be out the door in 2 minutes, so BYE!!!!



April Baseball ⚾️

It’s been a great month of baseball so far! ⚾️ I couldn’t ask for better teammates either. I love the opportunity to be at the ballpark- to be outside, to get people excited, to help with promotions, to bear the Texas flag, the sport itself, the baseball food, and of course, the girls on the team! This is going to be a summer of dreams. ?? 

Also, my coworkers & church friends are all so cute! Some of them have come to see me & others have big plans to come! My family is planning on flying in, too. 

Sorry I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I normally do. I try to make time with both of my jobs, but being with my husband comes first. ❤️ For example, this week I only really got to see him today! But he tries to make it to as many games as possible & he is my #1 cheerleader. I love you, Sweetie!

Go Rangers! 



New Adventure

Today, we had a Texas thunderstorm! It’s been thundering and lightening and down-pouring. ⛈  Also, it was our niece’s first birthday & she was so darn cute. She only ate a teeny bit of her cake though…such a lady! Does not take after her aunt by not eating the cake though.

Also… I have a fun little adventure coming up. I just made the Six Shooters Squad for the Texas Rangers! I’ve always loved sports, dancing, promotions, and events so this is a dream part-time job for me. We will be helping with in-game promotions and entertainment! Who will come see me at the games?! I’ll still be at my full-time job, too though. And as always, my social media accounts are my own thoughts and pictures.

Needless to say, I’m excited for baseball season! ⚾️