Fall Fashion 2017

In honor of NYFW, which is full steam ahead, I decided to do a little fashion post of my own with my favorite fall trends. On a side note, I like a lot of the fashion shows in New York, but I also think a lot of them have some ugly pieces for a lot of money…. haha. I do love the creativity and seeing all the fabrics and patterns, however!

So, if I were to describe my own style, I think I would tend to gravitate towards more classic pieces (less money because they’ll be in style for a longer time) with a modern twist. Those probably aren’t even the correct words, but you know, for those of us who aren’t professional fashion designers, hopefully that makes sense.

Here are some of my favorite items going into fall 2017:

Chunky Sweaters under $25


Overall Dresses under $60

Loafers under $50

What trends are you liking this fall? This will be my first fall in Northern California. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited about it.

Happy New Year 2017! ?

2016 was such an amazing year! ✨ Here are some highlights…

  • First and foremost, I got married to my sweetheart! ? This has been the biggest blessing of my life.
  • I started this blog!!! Thank you so much for reading & all the love for Blondeography.
  • Nick & I became Primary Teachers! Haha I could literally write only about our class & be happy. They are so funny & cute. We love it.
  • My sister turned 16- she can now drive! I helped her get ready for one of our first dates. 
  • I got promoted at work! Woohoo!
  • Nick’s parents started their mission as mission presidents & we’ve been able to visit them!
  • Also, we have traveled around the world together this year. 

I feel so blessed. I feel so grateful and happy! ✨ Also, 2017 already has some exciting things happening & I cannot wait!