Texas Forever

Three years ago, I moved to Texas. Holy Hannah, three years is a freaking long time. It seems like just yesterday when my mom & I loaded up my small SUV to the brim & hit the road for the great state of Texas. We were low-riding the whole way, found the world’s coolest retro car show at a gas station, spent the night in Albuquerque with our motel door double-bolted, and got pulled over as soon as we reached the city limits. I absolutely love that memory with my mother. 

My mom came to church with me the next day. Our church wasn’t in the best area of town and she didn’t want to leave me after that! It was my first experience in a gated church building. ? 

Because no one in my family had spent much time in Texas before, I had some pretty awesome expectations. Here they are my Texas expectations.


  • I was moving to the country. (LOL there are buildings everywhere. Like I’m lucky to find a good park.)
  • Everyone would own horses. (I think I’ve met one person in 3 years who owns a horse.)
  • It’s always warm in Texas. (I almost left my coat at home & there was an ice storm my first month.)
  • Everyone would have a southern accent. (…not sure what I was thinking there.)
  • I’d be a rodeo princess. (??)

Real-life Texas

  • Everything IS bigger in Texas. Including how far away things are from each other.
  • Buc-cee’s gas station is life.
  • Queso is liquid gold. 
  • You can’t actually go to George W.’s house. 
  • Texas people are obsessed with their colleges & have weird school hand gestures. 
  • TexMex gets me out of bed each day.
  • The Texas pledge is a real thing. 
  • Texas road trips are very long, but very fun.
  • There are a ton of trucks.
  • Please don’t expect to go on a hike because Dallas doesn’t have a single hill, let alone mountain. 
  • Wanna feel American? Hit up a Texas Rangers baseball game in the summer.
  • The Texas State Fair is the king of all fairs.
  • Country dancing is so dang fun.
  • The people are generally kind and friendly.
  • Friday Night Lights is real.
  • Texas Forever. ?

Yep, Texas, you’ve blown me out of the water. And I think I’m ready to say it. I love you.



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