Pink Wall

You are looking at the most Instagrammed wall in LA. The claim is 100% correct, too, because when my CoHeart & I ventured there a few weeks ago, it was packed…for the entire hour we were there. Like I still have no idea what was inside, but this wall was seriously a phenomenon. I mean, it’s a gorgeous pink wall and really, the world needs more walls like this. ?

But I thought I’d make a little lately list for the past week.

Lately List

Fav song: Closer by the Chainsmokers- it’s catchy AF.

Biggest disappointment: BYU losing to Utah by 1 point. ? Nick says I legitimately cried. I honestly don’t remember, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Fav Food: Shake Shake – just opened but kind of go there too often.

Fav clothes to wear: Dresses because it’s too hot to wear anything else right now in Dallas.

Today: Today was a bad day. Minus tonight because I got ice cream to cheer me up & we hung out with our cute cousin who was in town.

Most random thing: I got put on some real estate sign in Utah somehow, so seriously random Utah numbers have been calling me nonstop all week??? Haha

On mind: Christmas shopping. I want to do it all now because I swear, come October, I will not be able to go anywhere near NorthPark Mall because of the mad house it will be. Last year I drove around the parking lot for 45 minutes & could not find one spot and went home. Plus, I’m just excited for Christmas.

Best piece of advice: Be yourself and let who you truly are shine through. Stop trying to hide that you are a child of God or hide the awesome qualities and characteristics about you. Do all this even if it’s not “cool.” You were not made to blend in! If someone is doing something against your moral character, stand up for what is right. People who are good will  naturally gravitate to you and you’ll find yourself surrounded by good, uplifting people! I, at times, hide or make less of who I am. But that doesn’t make me happy! You were made to stand out uniquely, beautifully. Be strong and let your goodness shine. Like this pink wall.



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