Black Tap

So…if we are being completely honest, Black Tap is the reason was dreamt this whole trip up. If you haven’t checked out their IG, go now. ?????? They have the biggest, yummiest burger… But their shakes are on a whole nother planet, design-wise. 

I got the cookie shake and Linnea got the sweet & salty shake. They are the most photogenic shakes out there. We really should have gotten the cotton candy one, too, because that one is stunning. We got there an hour before it opened on a Monday morning and there was a line. So if you go, go early to get seated right away. Also, these puppies were $15 a pop, but so worth it for the gram. ?

Also, for those who care- I got my maxi at Forever 21 and Linnea got hers at H&M. We were comfortable walking around in them all day because they weren’t too hot.

Oh, & in the last pic, we are at my friend, Chelsea’s office which overlooks Time Square. She is kind of a boss. ? I hope you like our pics!



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