Make Life a Party

Life has its ups and downs and alllll arounds. Life also has its dull or monotonous moments- like today for me. We can coast through life or we can try to make those little moments a party! 

When you find yourself in a slump, here are a few things to remember. (I’m mostly writing this advice out for myself because I need it today…)

The number one tip for loving life is remembering your blessings. Gratitude can help you keep a bigger perspective. I feel like we go around zoomed in to our day to day routine. Gratitude allows us to zoom out to enjoy the bigger picture. Also, getting lost in helping other people makes me so happy. 

A few things we have been doing lately- First, cleaning out my closet. Nick and I have been trying to declutter and we have about 5 garbage bags of excess stuff that we will donate to Goodwill. It feels great to get that out of our house and to let someone else use it if they want it. Second, making lists of tasks that are nagging me or questions that I need to figure out. Once I write things down, they become much more clear & I don’t have to worry about remembering everything. Third, get out of the house. I get a lot done at home, but a little sunlight and just switching up your day for a quick errand can really help get you out of a mood. 

These simple things have made me happier in the past. I think I’ll keep trying them out because life really is a party! ?



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