Rad Swim

So I got this amazing unicorn suit from Rad Swim and it is sooo fun to wear ?. The material is a shiny lavender- kind of like what I imagine unicorn skin to be like.

So of course I had to sport this suit when Nick and I went to Manhattan Beach in LA. With summer around the corner, I’m always looking for modest suits and Rad Swim is now one of my favorite places with great prices. ?

By the way, this was the first time I had ever been to Manhattan Beach and there was the cutest ice cream shop near the beach. They had a flavor called French Macaron. It was an almond base with all different kinds of colorful macarons crushed up in it. It was SO GOOD. I’m still dreaming of that ice cream. ?

Well, if anyone has any favorite swimsuit stores that aren’t your usual cookie cutter swim suits, I am all ears!



One thought on “Rad Swim

  1. I have so much to say. First off, how did I not know about this blog before now? Second, ummm, that suit-seriously. You would be stunning wearing a brown paper bag, but you look smoking hot in that awesome suit. And three… Macaron ice cream? I need to make that. Or eat that. I at least need a picture of that. Remember our macaron making date? That was fun. I hope married life is dreamy. Say hi to Nick! And come visit me!!

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