To Grandmother’s House We Go…

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We are on our way to Grandma’s house this week for Thanksgiving, so here’s a little throw back to last year around this time, when we went to Grandma’s house. Who else is SO excited?!

This past weekend was amazing. Nick and I popped into St. George to go see Mia in her high school play. She was part of the ensemble for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat, and she rocked it. She sang and danced with so much energy, and she looked beautiful on stage. It made me want to sing and dance more! Also, we had musical songs stuck in our heads all weekend, and we would all frequently break out into song. It was so fun. I love being home.

Also,I finally have a phone again, so I’m happy for that! Two more days of work and then more family time! Hooray!



Crown Braid in Copenhagen


Okay, so I wore this crown braid around Denmark. I wanted to wear it because I had never been to Denmark, but I imagined everyone having a braid crown for some reason… I, shockingly, was the only one who I saw with one that day haha. A huge part of Copenhagen’s culture revolves around the royal family, and I felt like part of the royal family wearing my crown (braid) around all day. Also, it is ONE WEEK until Thanksgiving, so it’s given me the opportunity to reflect on some blessings in my life.

What I am THANKFUL for currently:

  • Gilmore Girls. To make me laugh.
  • Technology. I haven’t had a phone this whole week, and it has been crazy to realize how much I use it.
  • Safety. A car hit my car this week, but I was protected.
  • Leaders at work who allow, ask for, and embrace feedback. Very rare.
  • The Holidays. Thanksgiving ONE WEEK AWAY.
  • Health. Nick and I (Nick worse than I) have been sick this past week, and it reminds us how grateful we that we are usually healthy.
  • My sweet Nicholas.
  • Online Shopping. No additional commentary necessary.
  • Email. So I can talk to my brother who is 3,947 miles away.
  • Prayer. So we can communicate with God so easily. Whenever, wherever.

What are y’all thankful for this Thanksgiving?



A Morning in Copenhagen.

Okay, so on our way back from Europe this summer, we had a 6-hour layover in Copenhagen. Neither of us had been there so instead of sitting in that airport all day, we decided to venture out into the city. I am so glad we did.

We had just enough time to take the subway down to Nyhavn, take photos with these colorful, iconic row houses that I totally want to live in, tour the city on the canal, and eat so much sugar that our heads began to hurt. It was the perfect day trip, although… I think I could live there for a while.

One thing I didn’t realize was that the Danish Royal Family lives right near those colorful row houses in a gorgeous palace. We were able to walk over and watch the changing of the guard, which is really cool. We explored and ate. I think I’m going to save this for a different post, but the waffles they have there are amazing! Also, the little canal tour we took was cheap and lasted an hour, so we were able to see a ton more of the city that way!

Denmark was so dreamy. ? I hope to spend more time there one day!