Pumpkin Spice Girls

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So the Pumpkin Spice Girls decided to take a trip to the pumpkin patch. We all threw on fun fall clothes and headed for Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum. It was a huge success. We, along with 300 small children on field trips, went hard in the pumpkin patch. But how cute is this village?! They have pumpkin and corn houses, hay, and all types of pumpkins and squash. They even have a little Cinderella carriage. Also, I have the cutest and funnest (it’s a word in this case) coworkers ever, which made our morning a blast.

Also, who is getting excited for this weekend? MEEEE! I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes. Our costumes are still in the very early stages…. so I hope we can throw something together by tomorrow night because we have a Trunk-or-Treat for our church to attend! If all else fails- we can bust out our Elsa and Olaf costumes from last year- those were real crowd pleasers.

Happy fall!



Birthday of the Year!

If anyone knows my brother Samo, they’ll know how special his birthday is to him. And it is only fitting for a very special man. In fact, if you’re friends with him, you’ve probably been invited to his birthday party- regardless of what time of year you met him. 

And today was the day- 28 years ago that my sweet older brother was born. He’s had more trials in his life than I will probably ever face, but he works through each challenge and keeps reaching for the stars. 

Here are a few facts about Sam the man:

  • He loves reactions- especially making people laugh.
  • He says works at the Las Vegas, McCarren Airport.
  • He lying, but he really wants to because he loves Vegas and airplanes. ?
  • He has a family that he calls his “real family” and it isn’t us. ??
  • He was the first person to meet Nick and I as we walked out of the temple on our wedding day.
  • He HATES bananas.
  • He plays the drums.
  • He is obsessed with facial hair even though his comes in patchy. In fact, he yells, “HAIRY!!!” at anyone who passes us with facial hair. 
  • He loves sour candy.
  • He wants to be a husband and father.
  • He was the first in our family to serve a mission.
  • His fav day of he week is Sunday because he lives church and he loves the Lord.
  • Purple is his favorite color.
  • He can rap all 15 minutes of Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang.
  • His fav rapper is Lil Wayne.
  • He knows ALL about boats.
  • He is sooooo sweet.
  • He was born with a hole in his heart and fought through open heart surgery at the age of 1.
  • His heart is whole. He loves more than almost anyone I know.
  • He is my older brother, my first friend, and I love him.

Happy 28th birthday, Samo!



The State Fair of Texas

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Lots of pictures today, but the Texas State Fair is just so dang colorful and photogenic. There is SO MUCH fried food here, that I think I will make a separate post for the food alone, but we had a blast running around & taking photos before the masses got there. Big Tex was looking great as always. He didn’t catch fire this year, so we can count that as a win.

Also, this has nothing to do with the fair, but Nick and I taught our Primary class for the first time yesterday. This is our first calling as a married couple, and it was hysterical. When we got to the classroom, they were climbing on the chairs like a bunch of monkeys on a jungle gym. Cute monkeys, but monkeys nonetheless. One girl told me I was pretty in the middle of the lesson! It was adorable. Also, we only made one kid cry because we rushed him during arts and crafts time…. Oh, and we got in trouble by our class for not bringing snacks this week. Noted for next time.

Anyways, I think we will love teaching Sunday School to those little cuties.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!