Magnolia Market

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Okay, so Nick & I are obsessed with Fixer Upper, as many of you probably are, too. It only makes sense because it’s the best show ever! If you haven’t seen it, you have to. Chip and Joanna are #CoupleGoals. Also, it’s the perfect family-friendly show,  and they create the most beautiful homes. They’ve inspired us to take on some small projects of our own. Plus, it takes place in Texas, so it makes us love this state even more.

We had a free Saturday yesterday, so we decided to roadtrip down to Waco to go see where all of this magic happens. It was just a quick drive and we were there! Magnolia Market was seriously so fun. There were food trucks, a big lawn with yard games, a garden, a bakery, a store, swings, and fun places to sit. We ate, went shopping, walked around, and had the best afternoon. We also went and found Clint’s store, his fixer-upper, and drove around Baylor University.

I so will go back, so if anyone wants to come visit me and go, I’m down!



DIY Donut Hat

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So as I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw the CUTEST thing ever: A DIY DONUT HAT. You can find the OG blog post here! So since we were in the full swing of summer, I decided to make one myself, and I love it! It was so easy, too.

I used a beach hat that I already had from Target. Got some acrylic paint (5o cents each at Walmart), and put duct tape where I wanted the sprinkles to be. I did a few coats of the pink so it looked like frosting. Then, I peeled the duct tape off and painted the sprinkles. My yellow sprinkles were originally a mustard yellow, but they didn’t stand out at all, so once it was dry, I painted over them with a bright, lighter yellow and it was perfect! It was all I could do not to eat it right up.

I can’t wait to sport this puppy to the pool! I definitely don’t want to get it wet though. But how CUTE is this hat?!



Sweet Day

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Yesterday, we had Sweet Day (not Cheat Day because we don’t cheat). We took it VERY seriously. First of all, we got the new Blue Bell flavor: Two Step. It combines the TWO best flavors ever- Cookies and Cream and Cookie Dough. I KNOW.

Then, we decided to make it colorful. We bough little waffle cones at the store. We melted a heaping spoonful of Nutella for about 30 seconds in a little bowl. It was runny, but still held its form. We took spoonfuls and put it around the top of the cone and added Fruit Loops. Next time, we might try pretzels or really anything else! Then, we put them in the freezer until it was Ice Cream time.

Being that it is July and National Ice Cream Month- we figured, what better way to celebrate. And by the way, the new flavor, Two Step is 5 out of 5 stars. AMAZING. Texas forever, y’all.

Try making dipped cones! So easy and so fun.