Milano is so gorgeous and their shopping isn’t bad either! Their duomo is so unique, I love it. We took the metro into the city and explored for a few hours. They have the worlds best panzerotti there! They are like scone dough filled with fresh Mozzarella and tomato or prociutto. So good. We also tried a dessert one somewhere else that was chuck full of Nutella, dusted with powdered sugar. 😋 Seriously 50 shades of yum.

Welp, I hope everyone has had a good Sabbath! We have. Nick and I have started watching Hart of Dixie. Has anyone seen that? It’s kinda stupid but kinda cute… and we are currently listening to a Texas rainstorm outside.



Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre means five lands in Italian. It was also the most breathtaking (literally and figuratively) place we visited. There are five cities along the northern Italian coast each is a mile or two away from each other. Each city is made of cute cobblestone streets and colorful houses. 

Tip: You can take a train between each city, but you can also hike between each city, too. We were advised by a local to buy the day train pass for 16 euros each, but we thought we would save money by buying 2 one-way passes and then hiking between the other cities. Turns out, we had to ride the train a few more times than we thought aaaand the hikes cost money too, which the day pass would have covered, so if you go just buy the day pass and save yourself some time, money, and hastle. 😂

Anyways, we did 2 hikes, and it was so stunning! It was a lot of up and down because you’re hiking in the mountains right by the ocean, but that gives my current favorite hike (Angel’s Landing in Zion) a run for its money. The first hike we did was from Corniglia to Vernazza. Halfway through the hike there is this tiny bakery out in the middle of nowhere. They have the most amazing lemonade slushies. 😋🍋 Everywhere you look there is a fresh lemon tree, so they are amazing! 

We wore our swimsuits on the hike, which was good because we were sweating despite the sea breeze. And a few of the cities have nice places to swim in the ocean to cool off! Unfortunately, the waves were far too big to swim in the day we were there but we sat near the ocean and watched the giant waves. Seriously, if you are ever in Italy, you have to go here. I absolutely loved it. 💛



DC Tourists

Washington DC is my favorite city in the world. 🇺🇸 Before we met, Nick and I both used to live in DC. In fact, we worked in the same small office there, except he just went to finish his degree before I arrived. 

This was our third trip back together in the last few years (usually we go for cherry blossoms 🌸). But it is so fun to just walk around and be a tourist! We saw these buildings every single day on the walk to our office, but somehow they still amaze me. Not surprised though because they are rich with history and beautiful. 

We walked around the mall on the morning of the Fourth of July and it was relatively empty! I mean look at my pictures. That never happens… let alone on a holiday… let alone on a holiday celebrating America!! I think everyone must’ve been at the Nats game or at the parade or something or maybe just sleeping in for the day? Either way, it was an incredible surprise!

We started up near The Library of Congress, Supreme Court, & the Capitol building. Then we sauntered down and around, passing by Smithsonian after Smithsonian. Of course, we decided to pop in our fav Smithsonian- The National Museum of American History. We saw the original Star Spangled Banner & it was even cooler to see on the Fourth. 🇺🇸 

We then went to my fav exhibit- The First Lady exhibit. I may or may not have teared up… but I mean hello, #goals. Also, they have most of their Inaugural Ball dresses there! 😍 

After that, we ubered to Good Stuff to eat. So much yum. And for dessert we got a half dozen cupcakes to share from Georgetown Cupcakes. 

Have y’all been to DC? What are you favorite things to do?