Happy Birthday, Blondeography! 🎉

Happy Birthday, Blondeography! 🎉 It has been a wonderful year full of learning, loving, and discovering. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your love & support. Shout-out to my husband who has become a photographer! 

I’ve loved all of your likes, comments, shares, & love. 💛 This has been such a great first year, and I’m excited to see where this next year takes us! I have learned so much from others & find other people’s lives so inspiring.

Here’s to creating good things & inspiring each other!


Alyse from Blondeography 

Derby Day 2017

Hope everyone had a great Derby Day this year! Nick & I were thinking about going to Louisville. 🐴 Then we found out it was supposed to be raining, coupled with some other things- including trying to save money, etc. sooo we decided to stay in Dallas. Of course, we still got dressed up.

My friend, Nicole and I went to Neiman Marcus to try on fascinators. We found an adorable pink one! It was only a few hundred dollars. 😅 but it was very cute.

I definitely wanted Always Dreaming to win because it is the cutest name obviously. Turns out, I should have actually put my money on Always Dreaming! Anyways, we had fun getting all dressed up even if we didn’t go. 🙂 Here’s a link to the seersucker blazer that Nick got. Adorable & affordable!



Cinco de Mayo 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Has this week dragged on and on for anyone else? On Monday Nick and I though it was Friday, so that’s how our week started out… Haha. I have been looking forward to Friday all week- because of Cinco de Mayo and obviously because it’s Friday. Still unclear about weekend plans. We’ll see what adventures we stumble upon.

Here’s my fun little embroidered top. Full disclosure- I got it in Guatemala (coolest trip ever, by the way) from a little, cute shopping hut. I complied some fun similar embroidered tops/dresses below. They’re pretty cute.

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing day filled with tacos!