Fall Time in Utah

Fall- everything about it is so magical! It was so fun being in Utah for a few days. The weather was cool, but not freezing, the leaves in the valley were all still vibrant colors, and everything was GOLDEN. ✨

Fall Favorites 

  • Baking pies & cookies & pumpkin bread
  • Football games 
  • Sweaters & sweatshirts 
  • Hot cocoa
  • Family & friends 
  • Corn mazes
  • Being cozy indoors
  • How earth gets so beautiful

I realize that this is the most unoriginal list ever, but it was still fun to write because it brings back so many memories.

What a great weekend w family and close friends! I would highly recommend Utah in the fall.



Fall Wedding 🍂

Yesterday was the perfect day for a fall wedding. 🍂 Jennie & I met freshman year when she was one of our “random” roommates. I put that in quotations because I know it was not a coincidence- God had some amazing plans in the works. I couldn’t have asked for a better “random” roommate. 

Throughout the years, Jennie and I have become best friends. Yes, I have many best friends and Jennie is definitely on that list. We dance so hard together and laugh so hard together. 

Here are some of the crazy things we have done:

  • Grocery shopped at Snith’s in our pajamas often.
  • Got picked up in a car for a dinner party by two complete strangers without exchanging so much as one word.
  • Accidentally told Brandon Davies, former BYU basketball star, that we were wearing mustaches to raise prostate awareness instead of prostate cancer awareness.
  • Danced EVERYWHERE. Kitchen tables, random apartments, clubs, in class.
  • Survived the scariest class of my college career together- D&C with Mark Belk.
  • Convinced a Canadian to join the BYU Volleyball Team- he wasn’t even Mormon. 😂 That is how convincing we are. 😉
  • Dressed up as men on several occasions with facial hair and all- including Sawyer and Hurley from Lost.
  • DI shopping sprees on the reg.
  • Made ice cream cake for all of our friends birthdays/half-birthdays.
  • Watched all of our accounting videos on quadruple-speed together.
  • Declared our majors together. 
  • Found a working TV during Sunday School at the Wilk to watch the championship basketball game. 👀
  • CREAMERY FRIDAYS. Every. Single. Friday.
  • Floors seats of the Killers together.
  • Snuck into the freshman dance every year for 5 years. 👀😬😂
  • Choked on pizza. Separately- not together. 
  • Made ESPN by being crazy BYU Football fans together.

Okay I could go on and on forever, but suffice it to say- I LOVE JENNIE LEVER. Well now Jennie Jentczch. ❤️

What a happy day to start eternity!



San Francisco Carousel

On Pier 39 stands the most photogenic carousel- okay when is a carousel not photogenic though? Of course we had to stop & take photos. ? 

This weekend was a blast with family! My mom has the pictures on her phone with all of us in front of the carousel. We were celebrating my older brother, Sam’s, birthday since it’s tough for us to fly down there at the end of the month. #StudentLife 

We had fun celebrating though. He tried to get one of the workers at Fuddruckers to sing to him. It didn’t work. Haha but we sang to him later! Here were the different things he asked me for while he was here. He is so cute! He didn’t ask me for the last item on the list, but apparently he’s been asking mom for that for the past few weeks!

? Sam’s Birthday Wishlist ?

  • A notebook. No, not The Notebook, just a blank notebook.
  • An LA Lakers Magazine. Apparently he has been a closet fan until now? ?
  • 2 buddy passes to LAX. He already flys for free… ? 
  • A new iPhone 8. I can’t fault him there. 

I just love him! He is hilarious and oh so sweet. 

Okay well, that’s enough for now. If you’re ever in San Francisco, go check out Pier 39! This is just one of the many cool things on the list. 

Happy Sabbath!