DC Tourists

Washington DC is my favorite city in the world. 🇺🇸 Before we met, Nick and I both used to live in DC. In fact, we worked in the same small office there, except he just went to finish his degree before I arrived. 

This was our third trip back together in the last few years (usually we go for cherry blossoms 🌸). But it is so fun to just walk around and be a tourist! We saw these buildings every single day on the walk to our office, but somehow they still amaze me. Not surprised though because they are rich with history and beautiful. 

We walked around the mall on the morning of the Fourth of July and it was relatively empty! I mean look at my pictures. That never happens… let alone on a holiday… let alone on a holiday celebrating America!! I think everyone must’ve been at the Nats game or at the parade or something or maybe just sleeping in for the day? Either way, it was an incredible surprise!

We started up near The Library of Congress, Supreme Court, & the Capitol building. Then we sauntered down and around, passing by Smithsonian after Smithsonian. Of course, we decided to pop in our fav Smithsonian- The National Museum of American History. We saw the original Star Spangled Banner & it was even cooler to see on the Fourth. 🇺🇸 

We then went to my fav exhibit- The First Lady exhibit. I may or may not have teared up… but I mean hello, #goals. Also, they have most of their Inaugural Ball dresses there! 😍 

After that, we ubered to Good Stuff to eat. So much yum. And for dessert we got a half dozen cupcakes to share from Georgetown Cupcakes. 

Have y’all been to DC? What are you favorite things to do? 



A Capitol Fourth

Happy Birthday, America! Of all the cities I’ve ever been, Washington DC is my absolute favorite, and celebrating America’s birthday in the heart of our country is hands down the best. Doesn’t the 4th of July bring around all the feels?! It’s summer and it’s sunny (usually) and you eat the best food and you talk about our history and our Founding Fathers and how much you love America and you watch fireworks and you realize that you’re living your American Dream. <3

Both Nick and I have been to the The Capitol Fourth in the past because we’ve both lived in DC, but we’ve never been able to go together. As soon as we got to DC, we called our friend Ellen, who we both worked with in the Senate a few years back, to see if she was going. Of course she was. She kind of knows what she’s doing around DC. 🙂 Anyways, we were able to go join her and her friends on the lawn outside the Capitol Building and we had the best views!

Also, we made it on PBS! A few people texted me that they saw me. Even one cute lady wrote on my Instagram that she recognized me from some of my hair tutorials and she saw me on PBS. SO COOL!!!

Anyways, we danced the night away and sang along with The Beach Boys, Kellie Pickler, Trace Adkins and more. As the night grew darker, we could see the fireworks over by the Washington Monument. It was perfect.

God bless America!


PS. Here are the links my outfit below. I was able to link the exact shirt I am wearing. I found it in plus sizes, but I think I just got the smallest one they had, and it’s turned out to be my favorite shirt. It’s so comfortable and the flower details are so cute. Also, throwing Nick’s shirt in there too because I love the little flag details. Everything is under $20, too! XOXO

The Trevi Fountain + the Spanish Steps

Day 1 in Rome was perfect! 

The first thing we did- after a 2 hour nap obviously- was go to the Trevi Fountain. The white marble looks amazing with the light blue water. The whole thing is massive, but so intricate. It was super crowded, but for good reason. 💦 

Then, we realized we didn’t have any coins at all! So we scoured the cobblestone streets until we found a little coin wedged between two stones. So glad I was able to make my wish and throw my coin. ✨ We hung around there for a while until we got hungry. We wandered down back roads until we found an adorable little pizzeria. 🍕 The first meal of our trip did not disappoint. But, it’s Italy, soooo… 😋

We then went to find the Spanish Steps to watch the sunset! The view at the top was worth every stair…and even worth me almost eating it on the walk up. 😅 The sky was pink & yellow & the view of Rome was stunning. We just sat there taking it all in. 

Finally, we got some delicious gelato & walked Barack to our adorable hotel. I am loving this so far. 

Also, this fun, yellow dress is from Banana Republic. I checked, but I don’t think the have it anymore, but I created a little collage of some other cute yellow summer dresses, all under $50. I’m not sure if I can attach the link through mobile though…. sooo we will see! 

It didn’t let me. :/ But here is my favorite one: YELLOW DRESS. I also think it’s stunning in white. 😍