California Oranges 🍊

Orange trees are magical. 🍊 I don’t think I’ve ever seen one until I moved here. Maybe one day we will have some in our yard… a girl can dream. Having freshly squeezed orange juice every morning? That’s it- it’s a goal now. 

Hope you all are starting a wonderful week! It’s almost the holidays. 😊



Queen Elsa (Round 3) 

Busted out Elsa & Olaf again this year. It’s become a tradition now! But hey- we won best costume at our church party, so that was fun.

Okay so I love Halloween- Well, I love any chance to celebrate, but I love dressing up. I probably learned that from my older brother, San, who also loves dressing up. 

The coolest thing happened this year- I made a BuzzFeed article for last year’s costume. Check out #11 on the article here!

Well, Nick and I tried to find something creative, but in the midst of starting a new job and Nick starting school, we just didn’t have a ton of extra time to come up with something. It took us 3 hours to find a half a costume. Oh well, hopefully next year we will be more settled and do something creative!

Happy Halloween! 



Dream Big. ✨

Dream big. Have you ever had a dream of something you wanted to do, but you still haven’t ever done it? I’m, unfortunately, one of the biggest offenders of that. Somethings I’ll work toward and achieve big milestones, but somethings- the things that I am the most excited about I put off for some reason. 

I find myself coming up with subconscious excuses like- I don’t have time/money for that right now. (You could always say that.) I’ll start that project next year. (Next year will never come.) I don’t know how I would even get started. (Hey there’s this cool thing called I’d have to reach out to other people. (Cool. You get to build more relationships.) Or even worse… what if no one likes what I do? (Who cares?) What if I am not good at it? (As long as you’re improving, you’ll be growing and that will make you happy!)

My mom gave me this cute little sign for Easter this year. I brought it with me to California not only because it’s pink and gold, but also because I hope it reminds me to throw all of those excuses out the window and start doing the things I’ve told myself my whole life that I’ve wanted to do! The more I think about what I haven’t done that I’ve always wanted to do, the longer the list gets… but it’s exciting!

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? What excuses do you tell yourself and how did you or how do plan to get over it?