California Gold

We have been spending the weekend with Nick’s family. It has been great to be with them.

We had the opportunity to go up to our grandpa Blair’s property and go exploring. Their grandpa had a dream there was gold on the land, so we went to find it! We literally had a metal detector. ? Haha we actually just went to be together and to hike and see the beautiful views, but looking for gold was also fun!

Keeping family at the forefront always makes me the most happy, so today was wonderful.

And oh we didn’t find any gold…

Or did we?….



Welcome Fall ?

Okay the weather here in Northern California is amazing! (Right now at least, but I’ll take it…) We absolutely loved LDS General Conference as usual. I can’t wait to read and listen to the talks again in the coming months and years. You can read or listen to them on 

We always cozy up on the couch during conference weekend & eat yummy food of course. We had homemade pumpkin bread yesterday and monkey bread this morning! It’s so fun. One day I can’t wait to have our family join in the fun traditions. 

Some of my favorite messages were: 

  • Service is so important. It’s wonderful to travel far and wide to do humanitarian work, but don’t miss an opportunity to serve your family or those around you!
  • Be articulate with what you believe. It’s okay to be different from the world.
  • Faith will always overcome fear.
  • Always listen to the prophets and pay special attention to their messages. There’s always room for improvement.
  • God loves us so much!

Happy October! I hope you’re embracing fall wherever you are… even if you’re sweating in Texas still. 



   PS. Here is a similar striped skirt here. ?


Can you believe it’s August?! Where has the time gone? I’ve already seen some clothing sites putting up fall clothes. It’s been weirdly cool and rainy for Texas these past couple of days. 

There are good things ahead…starting with my sweet brother, who gets home from his mission THIS month. It’s been 2 long years, and we can’t wait to be with him again. It’s so funny when people are like, “Wow! The 2 years have flown by!!!” I want to say, “Ummmm… for you maybe!”  

How I curl my hair like this:

I use a 1 inch barrel and take larger sections of hair and wrap it around. Then I flip my hair upside down and just comb the hair near my scalp. When I flip back up it looks a lot more natural. I finally take some Big Sexy Hairspray and go over it lightly to hold. Occasionally, I’ll backcomb the curls for even more volume before spraying. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! We are at a family reunion loving life and having fun with relatives. ?

Happy Summer,