California Oranges 🍊

Orange trees are magical. 🍊 I don’t think I’ve ever seen one until I moved here. Maybe one day we will have some in our yard… a girl can dream. Having freshly squeezed orange juice every morning? That’s it- it’s a goal now. 

Hope you all are starting a wonderful week! It’s almost the holidays. 😊



Light the World ✨ 2017

Light the world.

We need more light on this Earth. This is why I love the Light the World initiative, and anyone can participate! 

The challenge is to light the world 25 ways in 25 days- aka every day leading up to Christmas, find a way to do something for someone else.

Look around you. Who needs help or could use some light? A neighbor, your lonely grandmother, a friend, family member, or complete stranger! 

One thing I love about lighting the world is the mentality it brings. Yesterday (Saturday) we ran around doing errands for a while. Knowing I wanted to light the world, I kept looking for ways to help people. I saw this old lady walking. She walked so slowly and couldn’t stand up straight. She sat down near Nick & I and I just kept wondering how I could brighten her day. This may seem anticlimactic and it probably is, but when she looked up, I made sure to smile at her. We ended up being done with that errand, so we left shortly thereafter. I wish I could have thought of something more to do, but I loved the fact that I was simply in a different mindset. On a regular basis, how many old, sweet ladies do I simply let walk by me?

If you’ve never heard of this, or even if you forgot- start today with me. It can be anything good- giving flowers away (which is what we did yesterday), writing a thank you text, baking cookies for neighbors, donating clothes or food to shelters, or calling your cousin! For more ideas, visit this link.

It not only makes the world brighter, it will make you so happy! 

Light the world. ✨



Thanksgiving 2017

T H A N K F U L .

A thankful heart is a happy heart. 🧡 I’m feeling thankful this year for my sweetheart & that I get to be with him forever.

We are supposed to be speaking in church this Sunday about anything we are grateful for in the gospel. How do you even narrow it down? That’s basically like saying- speak about anything! 

I do love gratitude, though. And trying to be grateful in any circumstance has blessed my life. Hey, if any of y’all have any ideas what I should speak on though- let me know. Definitely open to ideas!